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"任你學" 課程內容(持續增加中)




“領導團隊能力” 課程包括


是否經常出現無論你幾努力表達,對方都“左耳聽,右耳出”,甚至是完全無聽進去的現象?日常生活及工作中出現的問題 , 90%情況與溝通有關。缺乏有效的溝通及說服技巧往往會帶來許多不必要的麻煩和衝突,影響我們工作前途之餘 , 更破壞與他人的關係。而若能掌握良好的溝通及說服他人的技巧,能夠令你在面對不同場合與任何人時,都可以舒服自在,還能夠減少浪費許多來回商討的時間,讓你事半功倍。

“溝通及說服能力” 課程包括


學了很多技巧,卻總是無法發揮出來?其實,學習技巧和應用技巧 , 兩者往往沒有必然的關係 , 甚至可以是兩碼子事 ,所以時常都會有“學不以致用”的狀況。而這其中的關鍵,是在學習技巧之餘,是否擁有良好的心態和方法。我們首先要做的便是了解自己需要學些什麼、怎麼樣才可以有更多的個人成長以及如何才能達到事業乃至人生目標。用適當的心態學習適當的技巧,將能夠讓你真正地行駛這些技能,讓你有更多成長,進而提升生活及事業質素。

“核心個人成長技能” 課程包括



“身心靈管理技能” 課程包括​


HKD199 /每月
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Coaching could be anywhere, anytime. It is not just limited to stay at meeting room! How easy to apply its theories into usual practice! I won’t feel painful to hold coaching session with my teammates anymore! It is easy to point out someone’s mistake but we always forget to spend effort on “how to improve?”. The workshop inspires me that asking for solution from staff is more efficient than giving direction to them.
Devin Leung
Assistant Manager Human Resources Value Partners
You or your company may not believe in Mills’ brilliance in course delivery or think his programs are too expensive… Such objectives may stop you from learning from a star trainer or letting your staff change for better. It would just be a loss to you… a huge loss.
Eunice Miu
Director Customer Experience Management, AIA
I appreciate Frankie for the insights he expresses through the courses he creates and shares, and our on-going email and WhatsApp exchanges. He has helped me and my team implement some personal goals that have been helpful in fostering collaboration in the team. He has helped us plan dynamic presentations and regular meetings. Honestly, these are very creative role-play situations that are incredibly fun for me. I am very grateful to have received what Frankie offered us as a professional trainer and a long-term friend.
Carman Cheng
Associate Director Sales Promotion, AIA
Mills is one of the best trainers I have ever come across. With his sound knowledge and experience in industrial psychology, he can directly point out the root cause of the challenges you encounter and ask inspiring questions to guide you to the solutions. By revealing the inner secrets of human nature, his training is effective in leading behavioural change which is the ultimate objective of all trainings.
May Lam
Assistant General Manager (Human Resources) Kai Shing Management Services Limited
The micro-expression workshop led by Mills is very helpful and inspiring. We sometimes neglect the facial expression of others in daily communication, and this workshop enlightened me to apply the observation techniques when I collaborate and communicate with different levels of colleagues. Mills is an experienced expert and a passionate facilitator with profound insights. I enjoyed this workshop very much.
Julia Ng
Human Resources Development Officer MTR Corporation
Chris is an experienced and knowledgeable training consultant with wide range of knowledge in corporate training and facilitation skills. He is good at inspiring people to see things from different perspectives and his workshop is enjoyable and yet fruitful. Chris is very observant and takes good care of everyone. He is humorous, humble, human-centered that he loves learning and connecting with people. Chris always shows appreciation on others and truly a great leader and professional trainer to work with. I am delighted to have worked with him.
Jimmy Wan
Founder of JW Consulting Company; Senior Consultant of InnoEdge Consulting Limited
We trust the power of play and Partner$hip is our long-awaited training game. It fits perfectly for facilitation of DISC or any other personality models. Play moments are fantastic with players’ interaction and behaviors, which provide rich sources for observations and debriefing. From the perspective of participants, you can apply learning in the game through first-hand experience of fun play.
Master Trainer, Distinctions Asia (HK) Limited
"Highly interesting and useful serious game for DISC personality profile. Partner$hip helps us practicing skills of observing different behaviors naturally in the game environment. It effectively helps us understand how to improve our communication by adapting and responding to the needs of other people."
Ricky YAU
Assistant Training Manager


價值 HKD300



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