Science x Wellbeing x HR mini Workshop Ended Successfully

The workshop ‘Science x Wellbeing x HR mini workshop’ was held on 28/10/21 taking place at 2Beguru’s Kwun Tong Office, and featuring week of wellbeing (WWB) services.

The workshop received enthusiastic support from the industry and enrolment has reached the full-house quota not long after the promotion messages were disseminated.

Tony Wo (Learning, Culture, Diversity & Inclusion Director, AXA), Ms. Adrienne Wong (Manager,Wellness Travellers),Ms. Zita CHAN (Project Planning & Marketing Manager,Wellness Travellers),Delton Li (Head of Wellbeing Solutions Planning, 2BeGuru) attended and led the panel discussion.
Sound bathing
Remember to love and care yourself !

Services Demonstrated:

  1. VR for imagery relaxation 
  2. Sound bathing for musical relaxation 
  3. Self-massage technique for body-mind connection 

Week of Wellbeing

Week of Wellbeing(WWB) is part of the workplace wellbeing program, which focus on employees’ mental wellbeing and work engagement. 2BeGuru partners with professional physiotherapists and different organisations to hold the Week of Wellbeing.

During the week, a variety of activities focusing on workplace, emotions, lifestyle, stress, interpersonal relationship and will be offered to employees, aiming to take care of employees’ mental health comprehensively. Corporates can better improve employees’ internal cohesion and productivity at workplace. TheWeek of Wellbeing(WWB) is customisable according to the corporates need.

Workplace Well-Being Program entails a rich collection of novice and science-proven approaches to enhance employee wellbeing. 

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About 2BeGuru

2BeGuru is a wellbeing concerning platform. We leverage evidence-based psychological deployment to design professional mental health service scheme with the aim to enhance sense of well-being in corporations. Our expertise is built on a background in organisational psychology and corporate experience. We are committed to bringing happiness and hope by creating cheerful, fun and reliable experience.

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